San Juan Capistrano, CA

April 2, 2004





Matt Brown Supervisor II Safety and Training

COMMENDATION - In recognition of safe driving

On Thursday April 1st, 2004 you were assigned a return from Mission Viejo High School to San Clemente High School. You didn't know it at the time, but as you parked your bus at MVHS you were being observed by Vernessa Stanton, former Pupil Safety Coordinator with the California Highway Patrol. She called our department the next day to praise the great job you did of driving your bus. This is someone whose responsibility at one time was to assess every school bus driver in Orange County, so she knows good bus driving when she sees it. Vernessa went on to say that she has never taken the time to call someone's employer to extol a drivers ability but she thought you did such an exceptional job in regards to safety that she wanted us to know what a good driver we have.

On behalf of the department I would like to commend you on your driving ability and thank you for the positive image you bring to Capistrano Unified School District.



Matthew M. Brown

Supervisor, Safety & Training