San Juan Capistrano, CA

December 9, 2004




  Marshall Morgan, School Bus Driver

Cindy Killingback, Supervisor II, Safety and Training


On Saturday, November 20, 2004, Marshall Morgan was taking a group of Dana Hills High School band performance group to Temecula High School.  On the way, Marshall was involved in a serious school bus accident at 7:10 A.M. on that day.  Marissa Craig was working in dispatch that morning and I was the on call Supervisor for that weekend.  Marshall had called into Dispatch, stating he was involved in a school bus accident and there were injuries to the other party.  Both Marissa and I were unable to contact Marshall on the two-way radio because of the area that he was in.  Marshall, not able to hear neither one of us, took control, immediately gather his thoughts together and called the California Highway Patrol himself, Marshall gave them the information; this is information that the dispatch department and Supervisor would be doing on any school bus accident.

Marshall had immediately asked his passenders if they were all okay, Marshall took control of a very serious school bus accident.

Thank you for a job well done in a professional way in such a serious situation.  It is greatly appreciated.

C: Mike Patton, Director, Transportation
Charlene Huber, Supervisor II
Local File